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Who are you, what is 3D chocolate printing, and how exactly does it work?

Choc Edge Ltd  is a technology company that provides ALM chocolate printing solutions to businesses and individuals who wish to design and produce creative chocolates. We are the pioneers of 3D chocolate printing and the initiators of the current trend in 3D food printing. Our current 3D chocolate printer is the  Choc Creator V2.0 Plus , which has created a tremendous buzz worldwide.

3D chocolate printing is similar to 3D plastic printing, which itself is based on traditional coordinate system technology. Instead of printing in plastic, our Choc Creator enables users to print drawings and miniature objects in chocolate. The process involves converting an idea for a piece of chocolate art into a 3D model, and then converting the 3D model into an instruction code for the Choc Creator to read - The code is generated by a computer program called a 'slicer', which slices a 3D model into layers and writes the printing instructions for each of these layers. [The slicer used by Choc Edge is a python program with a basic model visualizer.] Once the code is ready, it can be loaded into the Choc Creator and the object will be printed layer-by-layer. Although the slicer will automatically generate the code, the 3D model must be manually designed using CAD software. The image below describes the basic process :

Where can I read more about this technology?

In order to convey as much information as possible to potential users, the Choc Edge team have prepared a highly detailed FAQ using questions gathered from various chocolatiers, bakers, educational institutions, and marketing companies : chocedge.org/faq.html

What exactly does Choc Edge do?

The Choc Edge team designs, manufactures and retails 3D chocolate printers - Our curremt product, the Choc Creator V2.0 Plus , is out now and available for purchase directly from Choc Edge or via our distribution network. 

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