Choc Creator Version 1

Choc Edge is offering the pre-order printers at a discounted price of just £2,488, a whopping £400 saving from its normal retail price of £2,888. Pay 30% deposit to secure your order today. Hurry! This offer is only valid for 90 Choc Creatorprinter number 11 - 100)

30% deposit (ie. £746.40) is payable now to secure your printer, with the remainder payable when the printer is ready to ship. Pre-order Choc Creator will be dispatched within 9-12 weeks afteryour deposit is received. Initial deposit payment is handled using PayPal online payment service, in a secured environment. A shipping charge will be added when you checkout.

Build Envelope

175(X) x 175(Y) x 70(Z) mm

Maximum Linear Speed


Printing Head

The deposition process is precisely controlled using a stepper motor to extrude chocolate out of a 10ml syringe.High precision printing nozzle is used for fine printing (approx. 0.5mm to 1.5mm track is lay down depending on print setting). Two set of printing head consumables (2 syringes and 2 nozzles) will be supplied.

File Format

Accepts STL files (standard 3D printing file) and Gcode (standard CNC machining language). File is uploaded to the printer via a standard USB connection.


This hobby printer is controlled using an open source 3D printing software. User has full access to the print setting parameters. Instructions can be found in the Support section.


Choc edge will supply small quanity of the recommended chocolate material. Users may use any other chocolate materials in their printer as long as the material can flow out of the printing nozzle.