About Choc Edge

Choc Edge started as a research project at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom, the aim was to create a 3D printer that could produce objects in a material that had not been used for 3D printing before. As chocolate is universally loved, it was decided it would be the perfect material to appeal to existing 3D printing enthusiasts and engage people who would normally not be interested in the technology.

The result was the Choc ALM prototype, and in 2012 the Choc Creator V1 became the world's first commercially available 3D chocolate printer. The Choc Creator V1 immediately caught the imagination of the public and media, and has been followed by the Choc Creator V2 and V2.0 Plus.

Choc Edge's aim is to revolutionise the chocolate creation and consumption experience with the latest 3D chocolate printing technology. With the Choc Creator, users gain access to unprecedented levels of personalisation, flexibility, and control over their creations.

We believe this new technology will not only empower users to take chocolate creation to new levels, but ultimately enhance the overall chocolate consumption experience for the end user.

The Choc Creator

The first chocolate printer (the Choc ALM prototype) was very different to the machines that Choc Edge produces today. Initially a large lab-based piece of equipment, the Choc ALM prototype was refined into the desktop-sized, user-friendly Choc Creator it is today.

Based on the same principals of additive layer manufacturing and plastic printing, the Choc Creator is designed to provide the best possible results when printing in chocolate. The aim has always been to use the machine with pure tempered chocolate, and to work within the limitations yet push the boundaries of what is possible with this material. This means that the results are always edible, and customers know that the chocolate produced by the printer has had no extra ingredients added to it.

Choc Edge is always working to improve the Choc Creator to make it as user-friendly as possible and to reach people who are interested in 3D printing but lack the technical know-how. With its LCD touchscreen, automatic temperature control, and a syringe that is easily refillable, the Choc Creator requires no previous experience with 3D printing technology. 

How it Works

3D printing or Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) describes a range of technologies that are used to fabricate physical objects directly from CAD data sources.

In 3D chocolate printing, the chocolate is tempered, loaded into a specially designed syringe, and deposited into a 2D cross-section on a substrate - like a printer printing a 2D image onto paper.

The syringe is then raised by the height of the chocolate line that is being printed and the process repeats layer-by-layer to form 2D, 2.5D and 3D chocolate products that are defined by a 3D computer design.

These 3D computer designs can be created using a range of techniques and software. Any 3D design program capable of exporting STL files will be able to create designs that can be printed with the Choc Creator. If you are not familiar with 3D design methods, Choc Edge offers a gallery of simple ready-made designs.


New for 2017 ! We now have a designated FAQ page !

For highly detailed information regarding 3D chocolate printing, please visit our FAQ page, and download the extended version of the FAQ known as the 3D Chocolate Printing Guide FAQ


The 3D Chocolate Printing Guide FAQ will answer many questions related to the 3D chocolate printing process, chocolate, design process, software and programs, speed, times, temperatures, etc.